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Remember - Nigo
Track 9 on I Know Nigo!
March 25, 2022
​ReddoeBeats & HozayBeats

Grr, baow
Uh, stay out my fuckin’ temple
Uh, look
Big 092MLBOA
Oh, yeah

Why the fuck are you hatin’, lil’ nigga?
Lil’ nigga, I know why you hatin’, lil’ nigga
‘Cause I got that money, now you want that money
I get the clout, now you chasin’ the fact
I put VSs in all of my chains
Know how to trap, nigga, three different ways
I ain’t comin’ outside, boy, unless I get paid
Yeah, we droppin’ the fives and we droppin’ them Gs
Mr. Big EBK, boy I’ll fuck everything if you droppin’ my knot, uppin’ my knot
Opp up in Heaven, send shots to the sky
Ride for my niggas, yeah, only my guys
For my lil’ niggas, we pourin’ out liquor
I’m tryna see seven figures
I’m tryna see seven figures
Mama, no vacation but I’m on a island
Since a young nigga, we wildin’
Call up the Batman, I’m robbin’
Niggas ain’t on my timin’
And my money keep pilin’ and pilin’
Lil’ nigga, you chuckin’ and jivin’
I’m like, “Mm-hmm, whatеver”
I’m still gon’ send shots like thе motherfuckin’ reverend
Knock on the door, nigga, let me in
Yeah, we still sendin’ shots up on President
All my niggas is felon and evident
Shack through the sea with no evidence
DayDay, have you screamin’ through mega like, “Mayday”
Who the fuck are you talkin’ to crazy?
If you don’t want no beef, nigga, pay me
Nigga, talk to me nice, nigga LayLay
Why the fuck are you waitin’, lil’ nigga, lil’ nigga, on me?
‘Cause that money gon’ stay up on me
Know some niggas that changed up on me
That’s why I keep Trey up on me
Now your bitch wanna lay up on me
And she wanna come lay up on me
I remember when I was fifteen
Uh, flexin’, if you gettin’ bread, why you stressin’?
I bought a chain and a TEC in
I did fifteen on my check-ins
Big Louis Vuitton, what I’m steppin’
Big .38 for the weapon
And my pockets on swole, yeah, I keep a bankroll
Walk with a pole yeah, I’m always on go
‘Member them days I was all in the slum
‘Member them days I was playin’ with—
‘Member them days I was playin’ with—
We both had a ****, nigga, why did you run? (Run)