Hawk Em lyrics

Meet the Woo album cover| Pop Smoke Related
Hawk Em
Track 3 on Meet The Woo
July 26, 2019

Traphouse Mob
Uh, haha
Big, what up? Aha
Trav, what up?
(This is a Melo beat)
Yo, Boof, what up?

It’s big 092MLBOA (Free Nappy Blue), uh
K with it, K with it (Uh, Free D-Nice, Free Clax)
Niggas know that we don’t play with it (R.I.P. all them, free the guys)
Big .38 gon’ hawk ’em
Two stripes, sauce it (Woo, woo)
Bentley, park it (Uh)
Hit him up if he Team Larkin (Baow)
I keep a TEC when I’m walkin’ (Grrt)
Hands off the wheel when I’m parking, uh
It’s still Amiri for the denim
I bet I send ’em to heaven (Woo)
They take advantage if you let ’em (Nah), uh
Blue dot, stalking (Stalking)
I like my white opps blue, uh (Woo, woo)
K with it, K with it
‘Cause I got some black opps too
Walk in, walk out (Grrt, baow)
What the fuck is all the talk ’bout? (Uh)
I bet I shake up the room (Woo)
Get straight passion (Whole lotta passion)
Zip ’em up, bag ’em (Uh)
Louis V, Louis V, Louis V
SP, suvy
I bet he make a movie (Woo, woo)
I bet he clap your kufi (Woo)
K with it
Niggas know that we don’t play with it (Grrt)
I make a action movie
Raining, pouring (Rrr)
Say the wrong thing and we on ’em
Three stripes, chalk ’em (Grrt)
Lightning, thunder
And bro just beat a body
They tried to give him a quarter
Earthquake, cordless (Grrt, baow)
Pop Smoke, gorgeous
I’m a gentlemen and gangster
Double G
Niggas know there’s only one of me (Uh)
Big .38 gon’ hawk ’em (Woo)