Genius lyrics

Pop Smoke Faith album cover | Pop Smoke Related
Genius featuring Lil Tjay and Swae Lee
Track 12 on Faith
July 16, 2021
Rico Beats & Tay Keith

[Intro: Pop Smoke]
Hol’ on, tell ’em, “Wait, baby” (Woo)
Hahaha, grrrt, baow (Look)

[Verse 1: Pop Smoke]
These niggas is feds (Woo)
I can’t fuck with niggas, I can’t fuck with niggas (Woo, woo)
I got a couple niggas that’ll let it fly for a couple niggas
That a couple niggas is me, they love me (Baow) ’cause Pop Smoke for the streets
I got that heat in the rocket (Rocket, woo), say the wrong thing, I’ma pop it (Pop it, grrrt)
I got them choppas in the closet (Closet, woo), a hundred mill’ deposit (Boom, boom)
That ain’t an Uber, that’s the feds (Feds, woo), I see them niggas watchin’ (Uh)
I like my bitches redbone (Redbone, woo), ass fat, Jell-O (Jello-O)
Lightskin, yellow (Yellow), black hair by the Regis and Pello (Pello)
I got her squirtin’ in the cream (Uh), I put the Perky in my lean (Lean)
Two thirtys got me leanin’ (Leanin’), I hope I don’t OD (D)
Like I OD’d at Neiman’s (Neiman’s) walked in, a hundred in my jeans
The Perc’ got me teased (Teased) but I drip when I’m leavin’ (Leave)
I got that Woo shit tatted (Tatted), iced out Patek (Patek)
As long as you gettin’ money, don’t nothin’ else matter (Matter)
Shake it, baby (Woo), bust it down and get naked, baby (Baby, uh-huh)
Just know you sanctioned, baby (Sanctioned)
Just know you sanctioned, baby (Baby)
I keep that chopper, beretta tucked (Tucked)
It ain’t no stoppin’, no lettin’ up (Grrrt)
Free all my niggas that’s stuck in a cage (Woo)
Hoodie on, lookin’ for Zimmerman
How you real and you run on your mans?
I’ll be damned (I’ll be damned)
Look, I’m comin’ out with the Peter Pan (Pan)
Lookin’ for you and your friends (Friends)

[Chorus: Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay]
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I’m dreamin’, I’m a genius
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus (Oh no)
I’m dreamin’, I’m a genius (Oh-oh)

[Verse 2: Lil Tjay]
Hop in a rocket, I take off (No)
We done came too far to play soft (No, no)
There ain’t no stoppin’, you fuck by the opps
Woah, there ain’t no stoppin’ my pay short (Never)
I do my thing, see, niggas try bein’ like me
I’m like “Fuck it, let’s play horse” (Okay)
Bitch, I’m goated, go look at the streams (Streams)
Hundred pack, I can make on my day off (Jeez)
While we talkin’ ’bout money, I got mine
Richard Millie a quarter, I got time
Really come from a block where they murder and slaughter
A nigga been orderin’ hot nine
If I’m slidin’, I’m takin’ it, easy
It’s hot-blockin’, they showin’ me stop signs
Know you see it, you not blind
I’ma only keep dumpin’, it’s my time
Ain’t tryna act tough but they know what’s up (Boom)
Ask lawyers, I got mine (Shots, shots)
The security still gon’ get touched
That glizzy gon’ bust, get out line (Boom, boom)
Evidentially, I put ’em to shame
Still, there’s demons on my mind
And know that I’m not normal, I’m just livin’ on my shine (Shine, shine)

[Chorus: Pop Smoke & Swae Lee]
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I’m dreamin’, I’m a genius
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I’m dreamin’, I’m a genius (Yeah, uh)

[Verse 3: Swae Lee]
Yeah, I’m stimulated (Stimulated)
I fuck her better than a vibrator (Yeah)
Owe me thirty-five favors (Favors)
That I need sooner or later (Later)
All of my killers enabled (Yeah)
Me and the Woo related (Related)
Nigga, I’m sharp as a razor
Everything in my favor (Favor)
Cartier, Times Square (Square)
I be in New York like The Rangers (Rangers)
Every song, I get a M (M)
I spent an M, I’m back at the label (Label)
All of my bitches is twins (Twins) and they do whatever I say so
Niggas watchin’ like the TV, oh (TV)
I’m back, pullin’ cables (Cables)
I just moved up in my weight class (Weight)
Nigga, we ballin’ like state champs (State)
Hold up, you better think fast
[When it came down?], you didn’t know your ass
All of my niggas off house arrest (House)
For his birthday, got a new berretta (Blat)
Smokin’, I’m high as a bird feather
I bought the V for the Vendetta

[Chorus: Pop Smoke]
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I’m dreamin’, I’m a genius
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I’m dreamin’, I’m a genius