Don’t Know Em lyrics

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Don’t Know Em featuring Rah Swish
Track 26 on Faith (Deluxe)
July 31, 2021
AXL Beats

[Intro: Pop Smoke & Rah Swish]
Man, I’m fuckin’ gone, nigga
Yo, Rah, we outta here nigga, it is (Ayo, pull up we at the spot, gang)
I can barely walk, nigga (Like stand the fuck up, nigga, I got you, look)
I be down the stairs, cuz, this shit crazy, bro
Like, yo, bro (It’s mad fuckin’ people out here)
Yo, yo, yo, who the fuck is this nigga walkin’ out here? (I don’t even know, I got it on me though)
Yo, Rah, yo, let me see that shit, nigga, fuck is wrong with this nigga? (Nah, hold on, hold on, pull up in here)

[Verse 1: Pop Smoke & Rah Swish]
I’m like, “Who these niggas?” (Who these niggas?)
I don’t know ’em (I don’t know ’em)
Rockstar, up and raisin’, boy start throwin’ (Throwin’)
Bullets blazin’ (Blazin’)
Boy, tuck and rollin’ (Rollin’, rollin’)
What’s your name? (What’s your name?)
Where you goin’? (Where you goin’? Look, shots)

[Verse 2: Rah Swish]
Bodies droppin’, I’ma pop him if I spot him (Brrt, bah)
I think I shot him, hope I got him in his noggin, look (Brrt, bah)
Pussy, don’t play with your background (What?)
Take it off safety, then back down (Grrt)
All these niggas drunk so they act wild (Huh?)
I gotta clear out a packed crowd

[Verse 3: Pop Smoke]
Oh, you thought I was slippin’? (Ha, you thought wrong)
Because I was sippin’? (Off the ‘Tron)
This Glock that I’m holdin’, it won’t leave a witness
Nigga you trippin’ (Grrt, baow)
See, over here? (Over here)
You don’t got no business (You don’t got no business)
You wanna be sneaky (Haha)
Now look what that get you? (Look)

[Verse 4: Rah Swish]
Paramedics, pick ’em up (Pick ’em up)
But how the fuck they get the addy? (Wait)
I think it’s all ’cause of this opp’s bitch (For real?)
I had with me boolin’ in Cali’ (Look)
But fuck it, I’m here and a stick with me (Brrt)
My location off, how they get to me? (Brrt)
Got a .30 with me, he could hit for free (Bah)
Put bullet holes in his Givenchy tee (Look)

[Verse 5: Pop Smoke]
Wait, say your grace
You watch your mouth, you watch your place
You can’t be mad when I up it to your face
I wonder what would’ve happened if I missed you?